The pond is an old clay pit dug over 90 years ago and since the end of the 80s, carp has been fishing there. Since then, many large specimens have been caught including the legendary “Klavertje Vier” mirror and other trophies between 40lb and 60lb +…

This water, of more than 10 ha, and which was recently opened for booking in May 2020, currently has a good herd without counting many surprises. The carp have been in contact with artificial food as the owner allowed only a few fishermen per year to enjoy this magical and preserved place. As a result, fish have always had the habit of feeding on very abundant natural food such as freshwater shrimp, zebra mussel, Green mussel, crayfish, blood worms …

Here the angler, the nature and the fish are respected: Indeed, only 2 double swims and 1 solo swims have been fitted out, which allows to enjoy a huge fishing area where the conditions are similar to the public domain but on a private and secured domain. As the pond is wild, the seagrass beds are present there during the summer period from June to September but then they gradually disappear to be non-existent at the beginning of autumn. In fact, the months of October, November and December are often synonymous with good yields and good catches.





Summer rate (March 1 to November 30) :

Double swims (2 fishermen)

  • Week : 500 €

Solo position (post 3)

  • Week : 250 €

Winter rate (December 1 to Febuary 28) :

Double post (2 fishermen)

  • Week : 300 €

Solo position (post 3)

  • Week : 150 €


Failure to comply with these regulations will result in immediate, definitive expulsion without reimbursement.


  • Check in at 11:00 a.m. and check out at 10:00 a.m., except weekend fishing which is from Friday 12:00 p.m. until Sunday 11:00 a.m.
  • You will fish from a wide post which can accommodate 2 fishermen.
  • Rods should never being left unattended if any rig in the water: 3 rods per fisherman.
  • All fish should return to the water as soon as possible (no more than 5 minutes out of the water).
  • Sling sack and keep net are strictly prohibited.
  • Only hooks with a micro barb and barbless are allowed
  • The leader (shock leader) must be made of nylon or fluorocarbon (braid prohibited as leader).
  • Boats are compulsory. You must be equipped with your life jackets and not embark in Waders. However, folded over boots and waders are permitted.
  • Your equipment must be clean and dry (boat and landing net must not be a vector of disease transmission or invasive plants).
  • The fish that will be photographed must be handled with the greatest care. Fish must be handled with care, on knees and not upright. Best of all would be in the water. Special attention should be paid to the fins.
  • You must be in possession of a large landing mat (thin carpets that roll up are prohibited). The best would be a “craddle” type rugs.
  • The weighing must be done with an adequate weighing bag which can be closed (weighing with in a mat or sack is prohibited).
  • Bait boats are allowed. You must respect your position limits and distances.
  • Fishing allowed only with boilies; soaked and well cooked seed.
  • Live baits prohibited.
  • All the other lakes in the area are strictly off limits and prohibited from fishing.
  • Pole and feeder fishing prohibited.
  • Pre baiting before the day of arrival is strictly prohibited.


  • BBQs are tolerated as long as they are not on the floor and not burning the ground and grass.
  • We remind you that if you leave a bad memory on our estate, you will no longer be accepted: The abuse of alcohol is therefore strictly prohibited.
  • The bins and waste must be collected by you and taken home.
  • Pegs must be left free of any rubbish, capsules, cigarettes, toilet paper, etc.
  • Visitors are not allowed. Only fishermen who have booked swims are accepted on the estate.
  • For toilets, toilet paper as well as excrement must be put in a garbage bag.
  • The fishermen’s cars must be parked in the places provided and cannot be used or moved from 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.
  • Please respect the fauna and flora: for example, cutting down trees is prohibited.
  • The management declines all responsibility in the event of an accident, theft or sudden damage.
  • Regular and unannounced checks will be carried out (even at night). Example: the guard may require a line to be removed from the water to check whether the head of the line and the hook are compliant.
  • Sending a feedback email to the owner with the catches photos, weight and date taken will be greatly appreciated.